Starving Artist To Superstar Challenge

  • Reach level 10 of all instruments; piano, guitar, and violin
  • Reach Level 10 of the Entertainer Career Music Branch
  • Publish/License at least three songs with each instrument. 
  • Save at least $75,000 to be able to build a fabulous house. 
  • Complete the Musical Genius Asparation. 
  • Optional: complete the Fabulously Weathly Asparation after completing Musical Genius Aspiration 

Create your Sim
Use any trails you like, but you must choose the Musical Genius aspiration to start with.  

Set lifespan to long or turn aging off. This challenge is going to take some time, and if your sim is aging up too fast you might get frustrated, but by all means if you want a more difficult challenge set aging to normal. On my first run through it took 5 weeks just to get to the point where my Sim was able to license a song.

Option for more difficulty:  To make this challenge a even more challenging, you can start the challenge as a runaway teen. All rules for the runaway teen challenge apply, except you still can only earn money from playing music and writing songs. Remember as a runaway teen you can't talk to adults so you can't really play for tips until you become a Young Adult, but it will give you the opportunity to buildup your music skills. You can become friends with other teens of the same gender and once you become good friends you can spend the night at there home, but you still can't talk to there parents or other adults that might live in the house. 

Another optional for difficulty: play until you save $100,000 or more for a luxurious home. 

Choose a lot - it doesn't matter which lot you choose because you're not going to be staying on this lot or having any belongings left here. At first, you don't have to worry about paying the bills because won't need any electricity or water. But you will eventually need to pay all the bills, because to complete this challenge you will need to build a comfortable home worth at least $75,000 (or more if you are going for a more difficult challenge). Please note that when you don't pay the bills they still continue to come each week even though your power and your electricity have been turned off. So choose your lot wisely. Lots with higher property values are likely to have higher taxes as well.  You can alway trade up later, but keep that in mind as you save for your home, because you will need to account for the higher lot value.

I found that if you leave a lot with absolutely nothing on it you get VERY high bills even on the smallest lot in the poorest neighborhood. So before you knock your funds down to $100 using the money cheat, add a tree, a shrub and a couple of flowers to the lot. You can also add an outside trash can as well. You can do as little or as much as you like, but you need to have at least some landscaping to prevent EXTREMELY high taxes. DO NOT build any structure on the lot.

No matter which lot you choose you cannot leave any belongings on the lot, other than the landscaping. You may purchase up to 5 items that will go in your personal inventory, I suggest the guitar, violin, slablet and any other items that you will carry with you. You do not need to include any books that you purchase in these five items.  Any belongings that will not go in your personal inventory must be left in storage a.k.a. your family inventory, i.e. Bookcase. You can make use of these items simply by going to your personal lot taking them out of your inventory using them and then putting them back. Four instance when you need to purchase a skill book, or any other book, you can purchase a bookcase put it on your home lot purchase books but then you must put it back in your Family inventory before you leave the lot. I have not found a way to purchase books any other way than on your home lot, which is why this exception is given. You cannot use this exception for things such as beds, couches, refrigerator, stove etc. you must sleep on park benches or at friends houses, you cannot sleep on your home lot. Your food can be cooked/grilled at the park, you can eat fruits and vegetables, or you can cook at your friend’s home.

Starting Money: your sim must start with no more than $100. Once you have purchased your instruments and other items use the Money cheat to reduce funds to $100

Shift + CTRL + C
testingcheats on
Money 100

I am not 100% sure if you have to do the "testing cheats on" before you do the money cheat, but it doesn’t hurt.

Option for more difficulty: start with absolutely no money and only purchase one item, but that item can't be an instrument. But remember you can only make money through music. You can find instruments around town. 

Optional: fill all the empty houses with sims, that way you have more people you can become friends with. Or leave the houses empty and move in sims that you have become friends with who don't already live in town. You may become friends with anyone from any town or neighborhood. 

NO EDITING Homes or Community Lots: You cannot edit any of the community lots or your friend’s homes to add things that you need. This is TOTALLY off limits. Although, if you are like me and like more lighting that would be acceptable. You can however change the lots before starting the game. I have downloaded a bunch of new lots into my game to add a bit of variety because the standard lots were getting a bit boring for me.  EDITED: I have edited this out of the equation because I am really struggling with the new lots and have had to change things up a bit. You can obviously change your lots, but don't just go in and add instruments on all the lots. Make it a bit of a challenge.

Earning Money: You can only earned money from playing for tips and making songs and licensing songs. At least until you build up your skills enough to join the entertainer career. 

Entertainer Career: You cannot join the entertainer career until you have reached level 9 of all three instruments, guitar, violin, piano, and have written and licensed at least 1 songs on each instrument. 

Collectibles: You cannot sell collectibles, produce or fish. You can only use produce and fish for consumption.

Community Lots: You can only sleep on an outdoor park bench between the hours of 6 AM and 11PM. This is when most parks would be open and then close for the night at 11PM.  And if you are caught sleeping in a public park after dark you could be arrested for loitering. You can however hangout at the park or other public areas until 2 am or as long as there are other Sims are on the lot.  

You cannot sleep on the same lot two nights/days in a row. The same is true when staying with friends, you do not want to wear out your welcome.

You can only enter the buildings on community lots, such as bars, library, museum during regular business hours, unless there are other Sims already in the building. So if you travel to the bar at 3 AM and nobody is in the building you cannot go in, but if there is somebody tending bar or somebody hanging out in the lounge you can enter the building. This applies to all community buildings. You can use the facilities that are outside of any community building at any time of day regardless of who might be on-site or not, but remember you can only sleep on a public bench between 6 AM and 11 PM. So for instance you can use the piano outside at the museum in Willow Creek, and you can use any of the outside bathrooms that are around town, but not the bathrooms where you actually can see the toilet and sink only the public restrooms. This does not apply to parks, the parks close at 2 am whether there are people there or not, you must leave the park at 2 am, let the other violators be arrested.

You can remain on any community lot such as the bar or gym as long as there are other Sims there also. This means that sleeping at the gym (inside) is acceptable as long as there are other sims in the building. This is for after hours only, you can sleep on any community lot any time between 6 am and 11 pm even if there are no other sims on the lot. If all the other sims leave the building you must leave also. I have noticed this happens quite often at the Library after 8 pm. 

You can sleep and use the facilities at houses around town but only if you are good friends with the owners, or something above Romantic Interest, such as lovebirds with one of the owners of the home.

You can only sleep in a bed at a friends house if there are beds available. If there are no beds available then you must sleep on the couch. Count the number of Sims who live in the house and the number of beds. If there are extra beds then feel free to use the empty bed. You may also use empty beds if the Sims in the household are not sleeping. For instance, if there are three beds and 3 sims who live there, but none of them are sleeping then you can sleep in a bed. But, if two beds get taken, and all sims are home, you must vacate the third bed so that the 3rd Sim can sleep if the choose to do so. Remember you can only spend one night in a row at anyone's house.

Also when staying with friends you should be considerate of their schedules, if you are going to spend the night with them you should be in by 11 pm. This only applies to friends not to boyfriends/girlfriends. Feel free to show up at any hour of the night to a boyfriend/girlfriends house. You may also arrive later at a friends house if you happen to be out with one of your friends at a bar until 2 am. It is perfectly appropriate to travel home with them after hanging out for the evening.

And remember, you must be GOOD friends in order to sleep at someone's house. Being just friends is not going to cut it in this case.

Earn your Keep: When you spend the night at a GOOD friend’s house you have to earn your keep either by cleaning, repairing objects, or cooking meals. When you cook a meal you must serve the meal so others can eat as well. Please note, this will cost you a bit of money but it's a lot less than what you would be paying and if you had your own house and paying higher bills. This is also a good reason to collect fruits and vegetables from around town, because it will make the price of the meals you are cooking a little less expensive.

Make sure to put away the leftovers when you are done eating otherwise they will go bad, and feel free to grab a serving of items available in the refrigerator, more than likely you cooked the item anyway, but if there is already food available make sure that you can help out in some other way, like cleaning or repairing. If there is nothing else that needs to be done then you might have to upgrade, but you can only do that if you have the necessary parts. So cooking might be your only option.

And by all means if you make a mess, a.k.a. Pee yourself or leave a mess after cooking, clean it up!

If you become boyfriend/girlfriend with someone you can stay at their house every night but you cannot move in with them. If you want to make things a bit more difficult then continue to follow the one night stay limit even for boyfriend/girlfriend. You cannot ask to become boyfriend/girlfriend until the love meter is all the way up and the friendship meter is at least three quarters. 

You cannot get married until you have the money to build your own home worth at least $75,000. 

Visiting Houses: You cannot visit any of the locals houses until you are friends with at least one sim who lives there. So you can't just go and knock on a random door and become friends with them. You must first meet and introduce yourself to them on a community lot and become friends with them before you can visit them at their house. Remember you must be GOOD friends in order to spend the night.

Once you know a sim you can call them any time you like, and invite them to the current lot. You cannot select travel with them and less you are GOOD friends.

Rewards Store: once you reach level 10 of any one of the instruments, and you have enough reward points, you can purchase the Savant Reward to help learn skills faster. 

You may also purchase any of the other rewards you chose, with the exception of Potions. 

Potions: all potions except the sleep replacement potion are off limits.

This is a very difficult challenge, but it is a lot of fun. You really have to be creative in finding ways to survive living on the street while trying to become a superstar.

Have fun.

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